Classes will start off with movement. Moving the body, focusing in on the body. Using imagery, experiential anatomy, and embodiment of anatomical function. It sounds like a hocus-pocus of technical terms and maybe sounds a little overwhelming, but all you really need to know is that you’re going to be moving your body in a way that it was designed to move.

Moving the body through the mind is going to help you feel better, less tense, less stressed and feel stronger with less pain. By moving and focusing on the body (in a way that it was designed) it becomes a moving mediation. In other words, it is a meditation of you moving within movement.

You will feel ready and calm but you will also suddenly feel motivated to move out some of that old stale energy that has been stirred up and replace it with vibrant, alive energy! Your body and mind will be in exactly the right state to do just that!

From there, we will do guided meditation/ energy work. This is MUCH MORE powerful than just plain “energy mumbo-jumbo”. What makes this so powerful is that YOU will be actively guided on how to clear your own energy. You will be guided on your own level of awareness and you are free to use your own spiritual values or beliefs so that you now have the tools YOU need in order to elevate yourself to a much brighter, clearer version of yourself.

Often, when we do the guided work,  we’ll also be clearing any emotions that might bubble up to the surface. This is an essential part of the process and will be an important part to you elevating and increasing your energy. The final effect will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, clear and VIBRANT.

Now IMAGINE, you get to experience this every week for 3 months…… and you will be given the tools YOU need to do this on your own EVERY day….

Awareness of your own patterns that keep you stuck and the tools you need to unlock the stuck door…..


We are here!

We hope we get to see you in our classes online……

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