What Is Imagine-Movement?

Imagine-Movement is a online live course using the combination of work that Lauren and Alysen do.

"We had been working together and realized there were some fundamental principles we both believed. When it came to the mind-body connection, the way we are all connected to each other, and our experiences and observations over the years while working with clients were very much the same."

We realized a big commonality within what we both do.

First, we both give people the tools they need to move forward in life and make the changes they've been wanting to make, whether it be in their bodies, health, or lives.

IMG_0618ASecond, we both felt it was each individual's responsibility to change themselves. And what we do is facilitate that by giving them the tools they need through information, experience and by creating the environment that allows it to be possible.

Third, we found a lot of our clients came to us because they had been stuck. Stuck within the same pattern. Had tried everything and finally came to us. We found we were able to show them the way and help them get unstuck and move forward.

Fourth, we both realized in our individual client work, some elements were missing. We both realized the void missing could be filled by the other. We noticed other movement coaches or "energy workers" just weren't cutting it. They were a lot of fluff but no concrete results. We also saw people mindlessly moving their bodies and mindlessly going through their day. We knew that our collaboration could change that.... not just in the limited amount of people we could reach as individuals, but on a much larger scale.....

Hence, Imagine-Movement was born. We decided to join forces so to speak, team up and create something that incorporated the best of both of us to reach out and lift the best part of YOU.....

First thing First, The Body with Alysen

What is Franklin Method?

I'm a Movement educator and what I primarily do or practice is something called, Franklin Method.

Franklin Method is based on the design of the body, functional anatomy and the body's natural movement.

photoWhat makes Franklin Method unique is it's use of imagery. It uses the mind and mental images or thinking to make changes and improvements to the body. Imagery is one of the most researched mind-body connection tools and has been proven to create rapid, lasting change.

Most people are familiar with the example of an athlete visualizing everything going perfectly in his race before he ever runs it. They hear of Olympians going through each step of a movement or dance in their mind before they go out to perform. They're using imagery. Some of the best athletes have been proven to also be very good imagers. There is a reason for this.

The Franklin Method uses imagery mixed with movement to re-pattern the body through the mind to help make it function better.

hVQNpkiOJsu6Pmn3EF10rVBLu4r6PNHfevuTJQzT7j4When practicing Franklin Method, there is always a focus on the movement we do together. By giving something for the mind to focus on, whether it be an image of your own body or a contextual image to help the mind understand the feeling of the body better, your mind becomes supremely focused for an extended period of time. It in a sense becomes a moving meditation.

I could go on and on about Franklin Method and how much I love it and how much it's changed me and my body and life.... but soon you will experience this too. As we move the body and get things functioning better and more efficiently, things can come up......

My Mind is Now Clear, but I am Starting to NOTICE some things..... Now What? Lauren.

11377171_796401927095717_8067622331943737213_nAfter tuning-in to the movement of your body with Alysen, we move on to the energy portion of the session.

The way Alysen has you move the body helps you develop a meditative mind without the struggle most people deal with when trying to actively pursue meditation. The only trouble is, now that you are tuned-in to yourself, you may start to face or notice things about yourself.... maybe emotions you have been trying not to feel or frustrations you don't know how to vent..... Now what?

When a group of people are together, there is a collective body of energy. It is unique to the group of people gathered. You may have been aware of this on a subconscious level when you had a group of people together say at a meeting and the energy of the group is flowing and feels good. Then someone new enters the room. It takes some adjustment to get that "vibe" or dynamic again.

11168878_796400020429241_9054392630055816884_nWhat I do is tune into that collective vibe, or body of energy of the group and find the blocks that are ready to move.

Now, this may not be as detailed as a private session, but the blocks that come up, even though it is a group session, will be relevant to you. I then guide you into what I call "tuning-in" to that block by bringing awareness to it. I then give the intuitive guidance and practices you need to get those blocks moving out.This is significantly easier than normal because Alysen has helped you get to the place you need to be in through the movement of your own body.

Think of your energy "channel" as a radio station. That station is unique to you. Most people in life, get out of tune with their channel. They are still on it because it's theirs, but there gets to be a lot of static. The more static there is the more you struggle spiritually, emotionally and physically. Energetic blocks are your unique static. They are the things that if not processed, become emotional sand traps and left unchecked, eventually clog the channel so heavily they become physical ailments and even in some cases, disease. What I do is tune-in to the giant station of all our channels together. It's kind of like going from listening to a single instrument to an orchestra. I hear all the instruments together but can still find the instruments that are out of tune in the orchestral sound. I then give you the guidance to bring awareness to the blocks or static and help you remove them so your channel is once again clear. it is a very enjoyable experience for people and can help people make profound changes in their life in a very meaningful way.

Think of it, in essence, as an energetic tune-up.


What Will Our Classes Be Like?

Classes will start off with movement. Moving the body, focusing in on the body. Using imagery, experiential anatomy, and embodiment of anatomical function. It sounds like a hocus-pocus of technical terms and maybe sounds a little overwhelming, but all you really need to know is that you're going to be moving your body in a way that it was designed to move.

11249560_796401087095801_2941205951032542703_nMoving the body through the mind is going to help you feel better, less tense, less stressed and feel stronger with less pain. By moving and focusing on the body (in a way that it was designed) it becomes a moving mediation. In other words, it is a meditation of you moving within movement.

You will feel ready and calm but you will also suddenly feel motivated to move out some of that old stale energy that has been stirred up and replace it with vibrant, alive energy! Your body and mind will be in exactly the right state to do just that!

From there, we will do guided meditation/ energy work. This is MUCH MORE powerful than just plain "energy mumbo-jumbo". What makes this so powerful is that YOU will be actively guided on how to clear your own energy. You will be guided on your own level of awareness and you are free to use your own spiritual values or beliefs so that you now have the tools YOU need in order to elevate yourself to a much brighter, clearer version of yourself.

11329905_796401253762451_456565608917318242_nOften, when we do the guided work, we'll also be clearing any emotions that might bubble up to the surface. This is an essential part of the process and will be an important part to you elevating and increasing your energy. The final effect will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, clear and VIBRANT.

Now IMAGINE, you get to experience this every week for 3 months...... and you will be given the tools YOU need to do this on your own EVERY day....

Awareness of your own patterns that keep you stuck and the tools you need to unlock the stuck door.....