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"Strength Train your Intuitive Muscle to make better decisions in Business and in Life."

Lauren Doyle

CEO and Founder

Lauren K. Doyle is an online business owner who moved from sales and marketing in the medical industry to entrepreneurship in 2013. Today she is a sought after instructor and intuitive energy coach in both the equestrian and entrepreneurial spaces. She discovered her intuitive skills at a young age and began developing the psychic messaging and healing aspects during her college years. It wasn't until she started coaching full time in the equestrian industry that the development of her full intuitive potential came into light. She now spends the majority of her time helping people of all walks of life tap into and unlock their full intuitive potential.

Alysen Starko-Bowes

CEO and Founder

I started out my movement journey as a dancer. After dancing for many years, my body was in pretty rough shape. The way I was training it had developed pain in my hips, lower back and knees. I was only in my early 20’s and thought thought to myself “this can’t be good”… what will I be like later if I don’t do something about this now. I tried just about every type of treatment out there; chiropractor, physiotherapist, massages, acupuncture… and while all of these helped temporarily, soon enough I was right back in pain again. I just had to keep going back for treatment after treatment.

I tried some private Pilates lessons. After a few months of this I noticed that it was starting to help me feel better. I was moving my body in a much more natural and functional way. My body and posture was changing.

I thought ‘ah-ha’ this must be they key! So decided to enrol in a Pilates teacher training program.

I’d been teaching Pilates for around a year or so and heard that Eric Franklin was coming to my city to teach a series of workshops. We studied his books in my Pilates training as anatomy and imagery texts so I thought I’d go check it out.

The Franklin Method is about anatomy yes (which is why I had gone in the first place), but it was so much more than that. It was a completely different way of thinking and embodying anatomy.

There were no doubts in my mind when I enrolled in the Franklin Method teacher training program. I needed to learn this method and know more. 4 years later I was a fully certified Franklin Method Educator.

Franklin Method has taught me how amazing the body and the mind are and how they're deeply connected. I've not only drastically changed my body but also my life has changed too. I have never felt better in my body than I do now. Franklin method has given me the tools I needed to heal and shape my body that I'd always been searching for. I’m so glad that I found this method and get the opportunity to share it as much as I can. Helping others shift, repattern and change their bodies too.